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Lapu Lapu City Mayor Seeks To Ban Fil Am Rapper Ezi Mil From Their City

Ez Mil immediately rose to fame after her performed his own song in Wish Bus USA. His song titled Panalo went viral for his fiery performance in Wish Bus.

Although he is not a pure Filipino, Ez Mil has the heart for being a pure one. As he already said in some parts of his original song.

Ez Mil or Ezekiel Miller in real life is a Filipino-American came from Olongapo who migrated to America roughly five years ago.

Sadly, his viral original song becomes the reason why Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan wants him to be “persona non grata” in their city.


Moreover, the reason of the mayor is his lyrics in the song which portrays that Lapu-Lapu was beheaded in Mactan.

Historically, Lapu-Lapu was said to be our first national hero. However, historians still couldn’t find out how exactly he d!ed.

On the other hand, Mayor Chan is not convinced by Ez Mil on how performed his original composition. As a matter of fact, he is now asking the legal department to look over this matter and look for possible legal action can be taken against the rapper.


“Nasuko ko, naglagot ko. Nagpataka lang siya himo og istorya. Unsa man nang iyaha, bahala og sayop basta kay aron siya mosikat?


Dako’ng bugal-bugal ang iyang gihimo sa atong hero nga angay natong respetaran, dili bugal-bugalan,” Chan told The Freeman in Cebuano on Monday.

(Rough translation: “I’m angry, I’m outraged. He’s making up stories. What is he doing, he doesn’t care if it’s wrong as long as it makes him famous? He’s making a big mockery of our hero who should be respected, not ridiculed.”)

This report first came in with local newspaper The Freeman.

Meanwhile, this performance of Ez Mil is approaching 30 Million views on Youtube.


What can you say?



Written by AdMiN

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