Richard Gomez And Lucy Torres Gives Their Honest Reaction Regarding The Rumored BF Of Their Daughter

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres finally reacted to the rumored boyfriend of their daughter Juliana.

Recently, photos of Juliana with her rumored boyfriend Miggy surfaced social media. It is after eagle-eyed netizens noticed the Instagram posts of the guy.

The said “boyfriend” of Juliana named Miggy is an athlete from Atenede de Manila University. He uploaded photos of him with Juliana not only once but twice!

The first photo he uploaded was them holding a glass of red wine. Reading the caption, it looks like captured during the holidays.


While the latest post was two series of photos— the sweetest photo of them so far. It shows the rumored couple sitting in a couch. Miggy seemed to be kissing the shoulder of Juliana.

More about him, Jian Migue “Miggy” Bonnevie Bautista is an award winning athlete. As a matter of fact, he is part of the National Fencing Team who has won an award in Switzerland.

His mom is related to prominent actress Dina Bonnevie. No wonder that Miggy has great looks!

Moreover, in an article released by Ricky Lo, he texted the actor asking that Juliana has a boyfriend.


The actor replied, “Ganun ba? Wait, let me confirm with Lucy. OMG! Hahahahaha!!!

The entertainment columnist then had the chance to talk with the parents of Juliana over a phone call.

“Hahahaha!!! At her age, most probably she’s seeing someone, getting to know each other,” Lucy reacted.



In a recent interview, Richard admitted that he and Lucy are both aware of their only daughter. He shared such things cannot be help now that Juliana is already of legal age.

“Alam mo naman, dalaga ‘yung anak natin and maraming umiikot diyan sa tabi-tabi,”

He added that he knows the techniques of men because he also used to hang out with women when he was young.

Despite of this, he said that they are not strict with their child, and it is okay who to them whoever Juliana chooses as long she is happy and safe.

“Hindi naman ganon kahigpit pero pinagsasabihan namin si Juliana… based sa experience ko, based din sa experience ni Lucy,”


While they both admitted that the said photos were taken in their home when Richard hosted a dinner party for the fencing team



Written by AdMiN

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