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Fans Felt Worried Upon Hearing The Latest Update About Former Child Star Jiro Manio

Out of all the child star back then, this former actor is indeed one of them. We have seen him in various movies letting us all know that he has all the skills.

He is none other than Jiro Manio. Most of us might still remember him as he made history on his name.

Back then, Jiro is undeniably one of the best and in-demand child star of the 90s. One of his remarkable movie that made us all emotional was the film, Magnifico.

However, despite of his skills and fame, Jiro suddenly went off the showbiz industry.


Sadly, he was dragged to serious issues and drvgs involvement that caused him to lose everything he had. To recall, everyone was shocked when news came in that Jiro is now just lurking around the city.

After this, he received some helo from his fellow celebrity like Ai Ai dela Alas. But this didn’t last for some reasons.

Moreover, Jiro worked as a restaurant helper in Marikina City until one incident happened just recently.

According to the source, Jiro was ent off to jail for a serious case filed against him. But he didn’t stayed long behind bars as his family was able to pay his bail.


But one of his family members seek help from everyone for the sake of the former actor. As per her, Jiro needs medical attention as his behaviors are very unusual.

It turns out that Jiro is saying unusual things and laughing all by himself. They noticed his unusual behavior that needs help from professionals.


His family wanted to take him in rehabilitation or psychiatrist but Jiro resisted. Now, his family are asking for some financial and mental help for the former child star.



Here’s a recent interview of the former child actor courtesy of the FB page, BLOG Buddies

Jiro somehow looks much better in this video. According to him, he’s keeping himself busy right now with his family.

When asked if he still wants to continue his career, he said he feels already out of place in the current showbiz landscape.


What can you say?


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