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Jimuel Pacquiao Reportedly Being Linked Now To This Star Magic Actress

Does Jimuel Pacquiao dating Star Magic artist Arabella Del Rosario?

Previously, Jimuel, answers questions about dating prospects and other things asked by his fans.


As we all know, Jimuel Pacquiao’s father, Manny Pacquiao, is among the wealthiest personalities in the country and we’re not talking about just millions – it BILLIONS!



Technically, that makes Jimuel rich as well and the life they have now is all because of their father’s hard work just to provide a good life for them.




Asked if he would date a single mom or an older woman, he said he’d be probably okay with someone older if the age gap isn’t that big.

However, he does not see himself dating a single mom.


When asked if he sees himself loving someone poor or average, here is his solid answer:

To me love doesn’t really choose.


Like if you fall in love with a girl like poor, or average, or rich, it doesn’t really matter.

For example, a rich girl can fall in love with a poor guy.



If I fall in love with a girl that’s not really on the same status in life then that’d be okay since we’re in love. It doesn’t really matter.”

And just recently, netizens wondered if Jimuel is dating the Star Magic artist Arabella Del Rosario.

It is after photos of their exchange of sweet gestures circulates on social media.



In one of his tweets, Jimuel tagged Arabella using the picture of the latter.



For her part, Arabella also tagged Jimuel on her tweet alongside a photo of Jimuel kissing a hand of a girl while driving a car.


As it is obvious, Arabella’s hand is in the photo.

However, there’s nothing wrong if the two are dating because they are both singles after all.


Don’t you think they both look good together?



Your thoughts on this?


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