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BB Gandanghari Shares His Greatest Regret Amidst Royette Padilla Untimely Demise

Regret is one of the hardest feeling in this world.

BB Gandanghari is experiencing it right now as she regrets not calling his brother Royette Padilla before he passed away.

The latter was announced de4d by their sister Rebecca on January 09, 2021 due to cardiac arrest.

Royette was the eldest brother of Padilla siblings— Robin, Rommel and BB (Rustom).


According to BB, she thought of giving her brother Royette a phone call before Christmas. Sadly, she didn’t so she is regretting it the most right now.

In a vlog that the former actor uploaded on his Youtube channel last January 08, BB became emotional.

“Di mo naitatanong, I wanted to talk to you before Christmas,” she said.

“I thought kagaya ko dito na mag-isa, baka kailangan mo lang ng kausap, kakuwentuhan, katawanan.


“Nasabi ko sa sarili ko baka hindi na ako matatakot sa ‘yo na tawagan ka kasi malayo ako dito.”

BB is now residing in America for good.

She went on saying,

“Siguro ‘yon yung regret ko ngayon.

“Sana nabigyan lang ng pagkakataon na we can talk about things other than problems, other than what’s yung mga hinagpis na dala-dala natin…

“Just really enjoying the conversation.”

At this point, she was crying and asked forgiveness from her Kuya Royette.

“I thought of reaching out… to you

“To ask you, how you are doing? Jam with you, laugh with you, or even cry with you.

“… never made that call. I waited a little bit too long…”

Meanwhile, it has been long known that BB has a rift relationship with her family.


Written by AdMiN

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