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Famous And Veteran Radio Show Host Resigns Because Of Onions?

It has been rumored on social media, before the end of 2020, that a TV and radio personality will no longer be seen in a well-known program starting 2021.

Many have noticed that Ali Sotto still does not seem to be returning to the Dobol A program on Dobol B which is both heard on Super Radyo DZBB and watched on GMA News TV.



According to the Pilipino Star Ngayon, it has been confirmed that the veteran journalist has resigned from DZBB, and its root is allegedly onion.

It is said that Ali once mentioned in such a program that she loves the price of onions.




That is why an avid listener of the program was kind enough to send an onion to Ali.

Everything went well until the said onion was sent via delivery service.

The problem is, Arnold and Ali were still on-air when the delivery service advised him that someone had sent him an onion.



Since Ali could not stand at the radio booth, she allegedly asked the personal assistant of the program if his listener could send the said shipment.


Unfortunately, one of the top gun and senior correspondent / anchor of DZBB, Rowena Salvacion, found out what happened and reached the argument of two well-known RGMA personalities.



It is said that Ali and Rowena had a heated argument until they reached the big boss of the RGMA, Mr. Mike Enriquez.

Ms. Rowena stressed out that Radio anchors should not use the PA (personal assistant) of the show on personal errands, as they may be needed in the middle of the show.



Sir Mike allegedly advised Ali to rest first and cool his head.

But instead of cooling off, Ali said goodbye and left Arnold and his program. So now, the title of the program is different and the teammates are Arnold and Rowena.



Ali is already rich and maybe his passion is just broadcasting so he stays in the industry.

Maybe Ali just appreciated his fan who sent the onion so he decided to leave his job.



Even if only the superficial onion was the root of the incident, “it’s the thought that counts” because the listener even bothered to send a gift.

But many wished that Ali just passed the incident, because she will surely have many more fans who will miss the combination of him and Arnold in Dobol A in Dobol B.


Written by AdMiN

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