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Ellen Adarna Finally Reveals The Reason Why She And John Lloyd Broke Up

Ellen Adarna ‘s relationship with her ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz is now good.

That is why it has become easier for them to be co-parents with their son Elias.

But Ellen admits she may be the reason their relationship didn’t work.

This is after Ellen suffered from severe depr3’ssion after giving birth to Elias.


“Because I had so many issues na hindi pa na-resolve, I was projecting it on him,” Ellen said in her interview with Preview. ph.

Ellen is the featured celebrity of Preview this January 2021.

After Ellen went through a healing program, she and John Lloyd got along better with each other.

“It took two years for me to heal,” Ellen says. “I really went on a downward spiral. I really lost it.”


The actress had just given birth to her son Elias after a difficult pregnancy and was experiencing post-partum depr3ss’ion. “I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel,” she says, explaining that she had always wanted to have a child and couldn’t understand why she was filled with sadness.

It was also around this time that she was dealing with a very public relationship that wasn’t working. “You know, we weren’t compatible, obviously, that’s why we broke up. Of course, any normal break up hurts. You want things to work.”

“Now I’m in a very good place. I can say I’m 100% okay. I feel my environment changed,” she continued.

“Like his approach to me, my relationship [with him has] changed without asking him to change. So I was just really the problem. How I viewed it, my thinking pattern was the problem.”

Elias is also said to be the biggest reason why Ellen wanted to resolve her issues, especially with John Lloyd.

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