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Netizens Amazed With The Unbelievable Make Over Of This Plain Looking House

Homeowner Grace Lucas has lived in the same compound in Villamor Airbase since she was born. She now shares a small home with her husband Miguel together with their three children. They eventually decided to build an extension for the house upon realizing that their space was too small for a family of five.



The plan unfortunately came to an abrupt when the property was hit by a fallen sampaloc tree during Typhoon Milenyo. The couple have no other option but to halt the construction.

They felt disappointed and frustrated upon seeing the damage caused to the new part of the house.

But just when they’re about to lose hope, decorator Gwyn Guanzon from the website Real Living decided to help. He went and have the unit renovated much to the joy of Grace’s family.




Gwyn initially started in making the house structurally safer and sound. He proceed in stabilizing the wall’s framework and constructed an actual ceiling.

The original design of the house had a window covered with bamboo. The small openings allowed natural light and a cool breeze inside. Gwyn decided to replace the rustic bamboo slats with colorful columns.



To make the place more lively, he went on  and fill the place with vibrant hues. Gwyn chose pink, lilac, blue, gray, and white for this particular space.



Everyone knows how important a dining set is . This part of the house is used everyday and it can bring your family and friends together.


Gwyn replaced the old table and unsightly mono block chairs with a Callan dining set courtesy Crossings Home.




Gwyn initially planned to move the simple staircase to a different area. However, when he discovered that the bedroom walls were not even, he decided to leave the staircase as it is.

He simply had the old steps covered with new laminated wood from Handyman.



To make the small and narrow kitchen appear more spacious, Gwyn picked out white building materials. He used white paint for the walls.

He also created a white brick wall-inspired backsplash, and used white tiles for the lone counter top.



Gwyn the proceed to add wall mirrors to make the kitchen and the hallway that leads to the bathroom look bigger than it really is.



The original bathroom did not even have a faucet. But after the make over, it looks like a completely different space now.



He installed new wall tiles and a telephone shower set and sleek water closet from Homestore.

In the end, the simple house they used to know has now become a suite similar to those in 5 star homes and hotels.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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