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It’s Showtime Host Happily Announces Pregnancy Of His Non Showbiz Parnter

People often say that age should not matter when it comes to finding your match.

Because the truth is, we really can’t help with whom we fall in love and for some people, age should not determine how their relationship would go.

One good example of this is the Kapamilya actor, Jhong Hilario, and his non-showbiz girlfriend Maia Leviste Azores.

Hilario has been in a relationship with Azores who is 15 years younger than him


But the couple’s almost 9 years of being together proved that their love is real.

Despite the age gap, the two are deeply in love with each other as they have been together for years already.

Nine years to be exact.

After his previous relationship didn’t work out, the Sample King seems to have found forever with his “Pangs” (their unique term of endearment) as they enjoy each other’s company in roaming around the Philippines and the world.


Previously, the couple seems to turn their relationship to the next level.

As they reportedly getting married at a beach wedding in Balesin Island.

The couple allegedly arrives early on the said island to prepare for their big day.

Then they followed by their friends and colleagues.

And just recently, the Sample King happily announced that he’s going to be a father really soon.

On his Instagram, he shares the good news.

“Thank you Lord.! 🙏❤😍 #SamplePrince or #SamplePrincess #Soon,” Jhong caption his post alongside his photo with Maia on a beach.

His post then garnered a congratulatory message from his fellow celebrities and his followers.

Here are some:

“Congrats.. every baby is a blessing”

“Congrats konsi!! Another showtime baby 😍”

“Oh Wow! Congrats @jhonghilario 🙌🙌🙌 So happy for you guys ”

What can you say about this?


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