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Netizen Explains The Meaning Behind The Viral RC Cola 2020 Commercial

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, a new commercial comes in and sets the bar much, much higher.

An old American soda brand made a comeback on social media with an advertisement that’s nothing short of shocking but is certainly unforgettable.

If you’ve been hibernating and have not seen it yet, here’s how it goes.

At first, it looks like a typical Filipino commercial.



The nearly two-minute clip might seem like the regular ad with a bit of family drama to promote the product.

The story follows a boy who returns home and questions his mother.

If he was adopted because his classmates were teasing him about it.


The odd shift then started to unfold. The boy took off his uniform, laid against his chest on the table, and revealed he has four glasses on his back.

The mother was then forced to remove her head with an unsettling twisting sound and revealed it was actually a bottle of RC Cola.

The last scene showed the rest of the family enjoying the RC Cola drink using the glasses on the boy’s back.

While it seemed there’s a lot to unpack for a short ad, it immediately took off across platforms.

A netizen posted an analysis of the story behind the commercial.

He said that the advertisement taught us that — “It takes courage for a mother to share something she may keep inside, but it’s something that can fill the emptiness of a child that he may also constantly hide”.

Moreover, some details like the child taking his clothes off define “naked truth”, the ice cubes, and his reaction is a “chill” effect of how talk is going on after his rage.

Moreover, it was also talked about in some local and overseas communities.

Your thoughts?


Written by AdMiN

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