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Ningning Is All Grown Up. Here’s What She Looks Now

Do you still remember the cheerful little girl named ‘Ningning’ who used to brighten up many Filipino viewers mornings through her drama series?

One of the most promising child stars in ABSCBN, Jana Agoncillo top billed several televison series in the said network.



She first captured the hearts of many in Ningning back in 2015. She played the titular role along with actor Ketchup Eusebio as her father.

The series became an instant hit and was well received by the audience.



Jana immediately became a household name for many until the series concluded the following year.


The child actress manage to have a special spot in the hearts of many Filipinos. She had done remarkable acting on her this television series.



Even her co-stars and show director were all impressed by her outstanding talent in acting.

This prompted the network to have her featured again on other shows such as Honesto and Dream Dad.



At such a young age, Jana Agoncillo had already created a solid reputation in the entertainment industry.


Her impressive television performance eventually earned her several awards.



Jana being a newcomer did not became a hindrance as she even managed to beat other actress who is much older than her.

The 38th Catholic Mass Media Awards nominated Jana Agoncillo’s ‘Ningning’ as “Best Drama Series.”


Aside from that, she also won the “Best New Female TV Personality” defeating Loisa Andalio, Maine Mendoza, and Maris Racal.



After her big break many seemed to have notice her decreased appearance in the small screen. Sources told that she had to split her time between work and studying.



In 2019 many were surprised after Jana made a huge comeback in television. She once again starred the lead role in the television series Starla.



In the series, Jane played the role of a star who needs to grant good wishes so that she would become a full-fledged wishing star.



Today, she continues to shine as s one of the most promising young star of ABSCBN



Some netizens pointed out that she’s starting to look a lot like either Beauty Gonzalez or Colleen Garcia as she grows up.

What do you think?


Written by AdMiN

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