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Remember Multi Awarded Child Star Atong Redillas? Here’s His Life Now

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite child stars?

Well, some of them choose to leave the limelight to pursue a different path.

And though they grew up in studios and shoot locations, they are now living a normal life with an off-cam job.

And this is what exactly happens to former child star Atong Redillas.


Those who lived through the ’90s would remember Atong as one of the most talented child actors of his generation.

Atong Redillas is the sidekick to Nanette Medved’s Darna in 1991. He acted in over 40 movies and television shows from the 80s to the 90s.


He was also known for his role in the iconic sitcom John en Marsha as the youngest son of the characters of Dolphy and Nida Blanca.

Although he already established a name in the industry, Atong Redillas chose another field of career to pursue. He graduated cum laude with a degree in BA Arts Studies at the University of the Philippines.


He was once paired with Aiza Seguerra and even became Camille Prats’ partner during the grand finals of “Little Miss Philippines.”

It can also be remembered that when he was once asked by Mel Tiangco about his aspirations in life, Redillas said that he wanted to become a president of the Philippines.

With the brains that he has now as an adult, it wouldn’t be a shock if Redillas will be able to achieve his political aspirations as a child.

After pursuing his dreams to become a teacher, Redillas is now a professor.

He teaches at the UP and at Far Eastern University.

He also supervises and directs theater play productions.

In one of his Facebook posts, Atong showed that he is doing stand up comedy once in a while.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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