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Remember That’s Entertainment Actress Jennifer Mendoza? Here’s Her Life Now After Showbiz

That’s Entertainment Wednesday group member Jennifer Mendoza has been out of the limelight for several years now. What happened to her?

During the 90s, the late host/talent manager German Moreno headed a group of artists in a variety show.

That has become a venue for showbiz aspirants to showcase their talent and eventually to find their place in the entertainment industry.




One of the popular female celebrities who was included in That’s Entertainment is Jennifer Mendoza.


She was a singer and an actress during the prime of her career. She did several movies and landed on leading lady roles. Aside from that, she also released several single

However, when a new generation of artists came, some of the members of the showbiz group ventured into other fields while some continued doing stints in the entertainment industry.




So, what happened to Jennifer Mendoza after she left showbiz?

Based on the article from Pilipino Star Ngayon, published in 2003, rumors circulated that she gave birth to her baby in the US but chose to keep this privately.




According to columnist Aster Amoyo, they tried to contact the former singer-actress to hear her side regarding the rumors.

However, the person who they contacted refused to give the number of Jennifer for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, in the site of, a netizen who has been a fan of the singer-actress asked her whereabouts.



Several netizens answered. Here are what netizens said about Jennifer Mendoza.

“I recently saw her guested in a talk show.. She’s not that pretty anymore and she’s already fat..”
“Shes’s now in Laguna. Selling bigas and she has a 5/6 business. She’s still chubby pero maganda pa rin (daw).”

Actress Gladys Reyes, who was also part of That’s Entertainment, shared a photo with Jennifer back in 2016 for their reunion.


What can you say about this?


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