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Entertainment Columnist Shares Possible Reason On The Derek/ Andrea Break Up

Derek Ramsay finally speaks up on his break up with Andrea Torres.

On Instagram, one netizen commented saying that Andrea is the reason of the break up of Kapuso stars.

The said netizen even compared Andrea to the ex-girlfriend of Derek before her, Joanne Villablanca.

She pointed out that Derek and Joanne had 6 years relationship while Andrea only had a year.


“Ano ba kayo 1 yr lang sila ni andrea samantqla yong past nya 6 yrs lahat bakit gsnon kadali kY andrea somethi g is wrong with andrea wag nyo isisi kay dereck lahat yong past nya 6 yrs,” the netizen wrote.

As an answer, Derek replied,

“pls don’t point the finger at anyone.

“There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman.


“There is no third party!!!! The breakup has happened so fast.”

The Kapuso star also asked everyone to just respect their decision. Derek further explained that he doesn’t want to speak up about their break up but he will defend Andrea without any hesitation.

“Mahal ko si ada kaya di ako magsasalita pero if I hear lies about her I will defend her,” Derek assured.

On the other hand, many of their fans thought that their relationship will end up in marriage.

As a matter of fact, both Andrea and Derek already talked about on willingness to marry each other. In a separate interviews this year, Andrea said that she is ready to marry his boyfriend.

While Derek said that he should get married with Andrea anytime soon.


Entertainment columnist Gorgy Rula wrote in his article in Pilipino Star Ngayon that they already sent a message to Derek and Andrea to address the issue, however, as of the writing, the couple or the ex-couple has not spoken about it yet.



In his article, Rula also shared the speculations regarding the reason behind the rumored breakup. It was alleged that Derek Ramsay already asked Andrea Torres to move in with him.

However, it was said that the actress refused to do this and stressed that the wedding should come first and so the rumored breakup happened.




Written by AdMiN

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