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Michelle Becomes Emotional As Raffy Tulfo Gave His Final Says On Her Ongoing Case With Tekla

Michelle Lhor Bana-ag is in tears after Raffy Tulfo’s statement.

Raffy Tulfo seems don’t want to help Michelle Lhor Bana-ag anymore.

Previously, Michelle Bana-ag and live-in partner comedian Super Tekla went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter & Facebook because Bana-ag accused Super Tekla of s*x’ual abusive behavior on Raffy Tulfo in Action show.

Some of Super Tekla’s friends can be seen defending him against such as Ogie Diaz, Donita, and his Manager. While Michelle’s relatives and friends defend her.


Yesterday, RTIA started with an explanation of the hair follicle dru6 test.

Another method to determine if a certain individual is continuously taking illegal dru6s.

Then later, idol Raffy spoke to Michelle through video call if she’s willing to undergo such a test and the complainant approved.

But with RTIA’s today episode, seems like the air blows back.


Michelle didn’t want to push through the test because according to her, her Tita scolded her about it.

“Pinagalitan po ako ng tita ko kahapon sir, baka daw kasi mabinat ako,” she said.

Raffy Tulfo seems dismayed with Michelle’s statement.

He then said that he will withdraw all the help that he promised to Michelle for her family.

“Hindi na kita bibigyan Michelle, baka yung grocery na bibilhin ko ibenta mo lang,” he said.

“Ngayon very clear sa akin na gumagamit ka pa din,” he added.

Michelle then became emotional but Raffy said, “Wag kang umiyak, wag mo kong dramahan.”

“Kung gumagamit ka parin hindi ka karapat-dapat na mag-alaga ng mga bata.”

Raffy then said that he will call DSWD to do an assessment of Michelle.

If there’s something occurs Michelle’s baby together with her niece and nephews will be hold by DSWD.

Watch the full episode below:

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Michelle Lhor Bana-ag Emotional As Raffy Tulfo Gave His Final Words On Her Ongoing Case With Tekla

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