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Netizen Claims That Sharon Cuneta Started To Have Anxiety Attacks Because Of His Husband And Daughter

Mental health is definitely such a sensitive topic topic to talk with someone about one person they barely know.

No one knows what people go through and what causes their str3ss, depressi0n, or anxi3ty.



Celebrity daughter Frankie Pangilinan recently trended online after she was accused of being the cause of her mother’s ‘Intermittent Anxiety Attacks’.

Her mother, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, in recent months came to the defense of both Frankie as well as her husband Sen. Francis Pangilinan on certain issues in the society.




Many netizens on various platforms also had noted how things have seemed to change for the Megastar.

According to certain netizen named Jollyjoy, Frankie and Kiko should have pity on the veteran actress as she claim that the two might have contributed to the Megastar’s increased anxiety levels.




This was of course belied by Frankie in a series of tweets as she slammed Jollyjoy’s claims against them and her mother.

She then rebutted that her mother do not have anxiety attacks and said that “misinformation was real”.




But Jollyjoy, who claimed to be Megastar’s fan, was firm in her belief that they are putting too much pressure on her and the seasoned actress accordingly needs help.


In a now-deleted tweet, Pangilinan reminded people: “do not ever diagnose a public figure you know nothing about” and “do not ever blame people for your own assumed views on mental health.”



Their exchange was met with mixed reactions from the netizens. Some said that Jollyjoy should not make assumption on mere observations.

Surprisingly, some of the comments seemed to agree with her and commented that Frankie recent activities on social media might indeed have contributed to the overall well being of her mother.


Many had come to know the celebrity daughter for being vocal on pretty every social issues. Her fierce stand on everything had earn her the mixed reputation from the netizens.



Some commended her while others branded her as “sawsawera” pointing out that she just rant on things without providing any suggestions or solutions.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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