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Domestic Partner Of Super Tekla Files Complaint On Raffy Tulfo Against Comedian

The wife of Tekla asks help from Raffy Tulfo In Action after Super Tekla did her wrong. This problem of the wife was supported by her evidences.

Unexpectedly, Tekla is far away from what we see him as a gay in television from what he is in real life. This side of him was revealed by his live in partner.

In the most recent upload of Raffy Tulfo In Action, his partner Michelle seeked help from the program for his different indecent act.

As an evidence, Michelle sent a video to the program which was also viewed for the public. In the said video, Tekla and Michelle can be seen fighting.


But what’s more alarming is that, they were shouting with each other on front of the children. Michelle was even breastfeeding their 4-month-old baby at that time.

According to Michelle, the comedian will allegedly force her to have s*x with her and if she resists, Tekla will leave them to starve including the kids.

She also added that there was a time that Tekla mast*[email protected] because she didn’t want to have s*x. The most disgusting part is that Tekla’s sperms was spilled all over Michelle and their baby’s head.

As a consequence, Atty. Gareth said that Tekla can face several cases because of this.


Michelle was crying the entire episode as she can’t take the wrong doings of her partner.

It turns out that Tekla was onced using illegal dr*g$. When Raffy asked Michelle, she said that he has not been using since last year.

Meanwhile, many netizens couldn’t believe that Tekla behaves like this in real life.


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