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57 Year Old Grandma Amazes Netizens With Her Dance Moves Despite Of Her Age

Nowadays, this generation is lucky to embrace and witness the progress or our gadgets and technologies.

From that big cellphones to touchscreen, to androids, to smartphones and all. Talking about the applications, there has been many to download and explore with.

Among all the applications for entertainment, Tiktok is one of the most known today. As we expected, the kids and teenagers of this time are really best of using this app.

Surprisingly, not all the people using this Tiktok application are only youngsters. Even the adults love to use Tiktok!


Actually, this 57-year-old woman will leave you speechless for her amazing dance skills that she showcased in Tiktok.



The said woman loves to wear sportsbra or sando for her exercises as well as dancing in Tiktok.

This amazing woman is none other than Teresita Benuta Embuscado who leaves everyone speechless with her grooves and fitted body.

Posted by Teresita Benito Embuscado on Thursday, October 8, 2020


In her uploaded Tiktok videos, Teresita is dancing and proving to us that age is just a number. She even looks younger than her age with her firm skin and flawless body.


Her said Tiktok videos are uploaded online that usually became viral in social media. Some of which are Tala, Chinita Girl and I Wanna Dance With Somebody.


Only GOD can judge you against the HATERS cause SOMEBODY loves you. #addictedtotiktok#57yearsold#proudmomof4#proudgrandma#ageisjustanumber#proudpasiguena

Posted by Teresita Benito Embuscado on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Teresita even wears denim skirts and bagets outfits on her Tiktok videos. That’s why many are praising her for looking so ageless.






Posted by Teresita Benito Embuscado on Friday, October 9, 2020



Many shared her videos and have been commenting and reacting. We all wish to be like Teresita when we grow old looking young and fresh.

Indeed, Teresita is a Tiktok mom!


Written by AdMiN

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