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Remember Teen Hearthrob John Wayne Sace? Here’s His Life Now

As many of the celebrities who were once had all the fame and spotlights, we are curious on what they are doing now.

Some of those personalities have left showbiz to have their own family, some ventures with business while others had their turning point.

Unfortunately, not all these former famous celebrities had their lives figured out after leaving the industry.

One of them is John Wayne Sace. Yes, that teenage heartthrob during his days. He was a former member of ASAP boys dance group, AnimE.


John Wayne had his blooming career back then but it slowly goes down because of some personal issues.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez-Roxas during his guesting in Rated K, John Wayde shared what happened in his life after leaving his career.

He then revealed that he became part of OPLAN TOKHANG due to d*** add!ct!on. John Wayne grew up with his grandparents while his family stays in the United States.

At first, John was a responsible young man who really loves his grandparents specially his grandmother.


Sadly, when his grandmother passed away his dreams also shattered.

At the age of 28, John had his own family. Now his grandparents are gone, he had to stand on his own feet.

Given the situation that he has a family to support, John jumps from one job to another. He used to work as cake delivery boy, Internet Café attendant and more.



John Wayne Sace, umaming nalulong sa droga!Please watch, like and share!*Episode: PasabogJuly 2, 2017

Posted by Rated K on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life wasn’t became easy for John as he get distracted with the adversities he have to gone through.

After experiencing his greatest downfall, John is now trying to fix his life. He also said that he is open for new opportunities in showbiz if he will be given any chance.


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