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Karla Estrada Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens After Giving Her Piece About Xyriel Manabat’s Viral Photo

Karla Estrada gave her honest opinion about Xyriel Manabat’s issue on social media over her photos. This happened during the guesting of the child star in their talk show Magandang Buhay.

Recently, Xyriel swirled in social media when she started uploading her photos. It can’t be denied that she looks more matured now even her physical appearance.

From that young Xyriel in the kid oriented shows we have seen her into, she is now a growing young lady. Many noticed that she has this big b*** even though thatbshe is wearing decent clothes.

Many immature boys commented on her photo and s*xualize her innocent and decent photos. This became an issue on social media as many are defending the young star.


For many, Xyriel is just simply sharing her photos that she feels confident to show off. She is not even wearing daring and revealing clothes at all.

On the other hand, it seems like Karla Estrada has another opinion on her mind. During the virtual guetsing if Xyriel in Magandang Buhay, the Queen mother have her honest opinion.

“kung gusto nyo magpost, just be responsible also dun sa post nyo. Parang huwag ka ng mag-initiate ng parang… o ano di ba yung ganun,” Karla said.

It may not be clear on what she really wants to say, but many netizens already reacted. Here are some of their comments:


“Initiate?? In what way Xyriel initiate it??”

“i understand the point but i beg to disagree to the part na ‘wag na magpaka ano’ because in the first place if you’re gonna look at xyriel manabat’s photos they were all decent”

“Parang sinampal ni Karla si Xyriel sa show na ito. Kainis.”

“Luh? Bakit sinisi pa si Xyriel on TV parang kasalanan niya pa? Nasa TV na nga eh why not use it as a platform para imulat yung mga tao about s*xual [email protected]$$ment??”

“Huy ano ba yan. Kasalanan ni Xyriel, ganon?”

“The issue is how you view the photo. You keep on saying that there are a lot of bastos na lalake, but I feel like you have a dirty mind as well. Face with monocle lowkey v!ct!m blaming”



“Xyriel didn’t “initiated” herself to be s*xual!zed. Use the platform to call out those ill-mannered, pitiful savages who got no business here but to s*xual!zed others.”

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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