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Carmina Villaroel Almost Faints During Her Swab Test Because Of This

As everything slowly shifts to the new normal in the midst of the C0VID-19, the government began implementing safety precautions to businesses who had started to reopen.

This includes the showbiz industry where in celebrities and production crew members undergo series of test and sometimes a locked in period as they resume their tapings.



Celebrity mother and host Carmina Villaroel recently trended on social media after she shared her first-ever swab testing experience in her latest online vlog.

According to the 45 year old actress,  she and her family had to get tested for C0VID-19 as part of their work’s safety protocols.




Prior to the procedure, Carmina expressed how scared she was of the procedures for the swab testing.

Carmina added that she wasn’t even able to sleep last night due to the swab test.



“Okay guys, hindi po ako nakatulog kagabi kaya masakit ang ulo ko dahil, kung kakilala niyo ko, isa po akong matatakutin at nerbyosa. Super.”



She also stated the beside the lack of sleep, her agitation towards the said diagnostics make her stomach turn upside down.

“Nahihimatay nga po ako at nasusuka ako sa nerbyos,”



When it was her turn to get tested, the actress cannot hide her apprehension and  can be seen and heard asking her daughter, Cassy Legaspi to wait.


“Hindi ko kaya, sandali, Cassy nahihimatay ako, wait.”



Good thing that her husband Zoren and their children were there. They can be heard comforting and encouraging the actress that she could also do the swab test successfully.




It can be recalled that Carmina had almost the same exact experience back in October 2019 while filming her Metro Manila Film Fest Movie Entry titled “Sunod”.



“I can’t reveal what the scene is all about. Let’s just say my character is with her daughter there.

I already knew what I was supposed to do when I read the script and practiced our blocking for the scene.”



“But for some strange reason, while doing it, I suddenly couldn’t breathe and felt anxious.”

“You see, ours isn’t your typical Pinoy h0rr0r film. Its attack is very different. It’s eerie and creepy,”


Written by AdMiN

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