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Mother Gets The Sh0ck Of Her Life After Discovering Familiar This Item While Shopping Online

Approximately one year ago, a mother from Florida posted a photo of her daughter, Kat, in a Facebook group designed to keep friends and family in the loop about her daughter’s health journey.

The image Terri shared bear Kat’s solemn expression. She also accompanied the photo with an update regarding her ongoing battle with arthritis.



On that particular day, Kat experienced a great deal of discomfort after a long day in the h0spital.

But Terri never imagined that on August 12th, 2020, she would receive a Facebook message from a friend about a child s3x doll being s0ld on Amazon with striking familiarity.


“When I read the message from her and saw the image, I instantly started to cry and cry. I was completely overwhelmed with a mix of emotions I’ve never felt before.”

“The image of the doll looked very similar to the photo I’d taken of my daughter, Kat.”




“This image had the same socks, sweatshirt, and pose as my daughter. This doll’s face even had my daughter’s facial features.”

“My daughter’s beautiful images were used to create something so ugly and ev1l.”



But her anguish didn’t stop there. She told that she cannot help but felt sh0cked that one of the most famous global online store will sell such an item.

“I was in shock that Amazon would sell inappropriate child s3x dolls on their website.

“We use this website to help with Kat’s community service projects, and I asked myself how this could possibly be legal in the United States,”



The doll was advertised as a “High Quality S*xy Dolly For Men,” and placed on sale at Amazon for $559.00 dollars. (Php 28,000)

Terri immediately reached out to Amazon to get the doll removed from the site, which took a total of four days to achieve.

Shortly after, she began receiving messages from supporters indicating the very same doll was now listed elsewhere on the internet. The doll wasn’t going away, and she knew she needed help.




“I’m asking everyone to join me in this fight to help make a new federal law, or pass the CREEPER Act, cr1m1nal1zing the purchase of dolls like this in United States to stop p3d0ph1les from acting out their fantasies on our children.”

Turning her distress into determination, Terri has partnered with the Child Rescue Coalition to create a zero-tolerance petition for child abvse material.



She also reminded every to be very cautious in sharing personal information online.

“Parents should have a conversation with their children and explain why it’s important to keep their social media accounts private, and limit the quantity. It is also important to go through privacy settings with your child to make sure they understand each one.



“Be honest with your children and explain that sharing your location, phone number, or address and accepting friend requests from people you don’t know can be very dangerous. I always like to say, ‘If you don’t know them, don’t friend them.’”

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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