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John Lloyd Cruz Reveals His Ultimate Crush In Showbiz

W used to have “crushes” during our younger years. Sometimes to our classmates and sometimes to our friends. It wasn’t a big deal then because we were kids.



But as we get older and think, we realize that we are more crush than ever. We are more mature when it comes to our crushes and we have changed our standards to suit them.



But have you ever wondered who your favorite actress is? Of course, they are also people and they have crushes in the showbiz industry.



One of the most prominent actors of his generation was John Lloyd Cruz. Although Lloydie suddenly disappeared on television for two years after living in Cebu with Ellen Adarna and her eldest son Elias Modesto, her charisma has not disappeared.




The media knew most of John Lloyd’s previous high profile relationships. But still, there were some details that were not given enough publicity, such as John Lloyd’s showbiz crush.



Who is John Lloyd’s crush on showbiz? Unbeknownst to everyone, John Lloyd admitted publicly when he attended an interview in 2013.



This is the time when they were still dating actress Angelica Panganiban. Although he was still in a relationship, he couldn’t help but talk about his ultimate crush on showbiz.



John Lloyd’s crush might be a bit matured than him, but he said he does not look into the age difference as an issue.




In case you were wondering, she is the actress Mylene Dizon.



According to Lloydie, he doesn’t really look at someone’s age to like him. She also didn’t give a reason why Mylene was her favorite.



This is a detail in John Lloyd’s life that has not received much attention.



People came to know Mylene Dizon for her strong character in various programs and films.



She currently works under the management of GMA. Mylene had been in a relationship with fellow actor Paolo Paraiso. The former couple had 2 sons.



Written by AdMiN

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