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Sharon Cuneta Answers A Netizen Why She And Gabby Concepcion Called It Quits


Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan, popularly known as Sharon Cuneta (born January 6, 1966), is a Filipino singer, actress, talk show host, commercial ad endorser and a reality show judge.



She has starred in 54 films, 10 television shows, recorded 40 albums and worked as a celebrity endorser for many products and services.



Cuneta starred in her very first feature film entitled, Dear Heart. She was paired with then Close-Up model and Regal Films’ 1980s heartthrob, Gabby Concepcion.



Sharon and Gabby’s love team was considered to be one of the most iconic love teams in the Philippine showbiz industry.


In fact, they were not only a love team. They also became an actual couple.



The first was a secret civil wedding on July 23, 1984, followed soon after by a church wedding at the Manila Cathedral on September 23, 1984.



Three years later, in August 1987, Cuneta and Concepcion legally separated and their marriage was declared null and void.



Despite of calling it quits for a couple of decades now, some of their fans are still not over with their not so happy ending relationship.


Sharon recently shared a photo showing her daughter KC Concepcion would look like if she had been a man. Sharon said that she would have named him Juan Carlos Miguel.



“OMG! Hahahaha! These Sharon-Gabby fans used an app and turned KC’s face into a boy’s. So this is what she would’ve looked like if she hadn’t been born a girl.

“His name was ready: Juan Carlos Miguel. We didn’t prepare any girls’ names because we believed she was gonna be a boy!”

A brother would’ve looked like this too, maybe. Gavin, hahaha! Guapo like Ate. Not meant to be! Awww these combined genes.”

The actress shared that didn’t really expected a daughter, but a son.



Meanwhile, one netizen cannot help but feel a certain regret how their relationship ended up in shambles.

“Syang po talga pinagtagpo, nagmahalan pero bakit nagkahiwalay, always watching ur Sharon gabby movie everyday,”

To the surprise of some of her fans, Sharon gave a swift reply hinting what really happen with her relationship with her now ex-husband.

“Eh daming malandi sa mundo.”



Her answer seems to be in tune with her earlier interviews and narrative. A couple of years ago, Sharon poured her heart out in an emotional interview with Korina Sanchez.

Back then, she provided a more detailed response on what really went wrong with what many considered a once fairy tale ending.


The Sharon-Gabby love team really had a special impact on the hearts of their fans!



Even up to this very day a huge number of them still hope that the former lovers will eventually be together again, at least in a movie.


What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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