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Bianca Gonzalez Drew Flak Regarding Her Post About The Signal Coverage Of ABSCBN

Kapamilya host Bianca Gonzalez recently receive criticisms of several netizens after posting her sentiment regarding the recent typhoon that hit the country.

She expressed her concern to our fellowmen who lives from far flung areas.



Bianca said that cannot help but worry about those people who used to rely on t

he updates and news of her home network DZMM and ABSCBN.



“During times like this na malakas ang ulan at may bagyo, naiisip ko yung malalayong barangay na DZMM o ABS-CBN lang ang signal na umaabot para makakuha sila ng life-saving news tungkol sa panahon. Paano na sila?”

ABSCBN had ceased to operate on public frequency after the House of Representatives deemed the company unworthy of having a new franchise.



A handful of netizens cannot help but comment on Bianca’s post. Based on their personal experience, the signal of her home network does not all the corners of the country.

Some of them even said that a lot of people prefer to listen and rely to non-ABSCBN stations for their news and updates.


Meanwhile, veteran news reporter from DZRH, Henry Uri, felt insulted about Bianca’s claims.


According to Uri, Bianca seems to have excluded other broadcast journalists from other stations who also serve the people.

To say that “ABS-CBN only” has a signal is a disrespect and insult other companies in the media.




He added that Bianca’s post appears to discredit other provincial announcers and crew.

Uri said that they are those who take the risk even in the most remote place.

They put their lives on the lines to deliver the life saving news that she mentioned.


And as expected, it did not took long for Henry’s open letter to reach Bianca.

Bianca clarified that she has no intention of belittling other media practitioners and broadcasting companies.

“I never meant my post to ‘put down’ my fellow media practitioners, why would I eh tulungan lahat, and for those I offended, I apologize.”



Bianca also acknowledged the information of many other radio stations that bring news to the people.

In line with her apology, she went and retweeted a comment from a netizen who appears to support Henry’s sentiments.


What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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