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Catriona Gray To Pursue Legal Action Against Famous Tabloid Regarding Her Alleged “Leaked” Photos

In the world of the most known, it is a little stressful sometimes. Specially that controversies and allegations are all over them.

Recently, Miss Universe Catriona Gray went viral when allegations and issues came after her.

This, after her ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad posted cryptic messages on his Instagram.



Afterwards, there was an issue that Catriona allegedly has c0ntr0v3rsial photos.


It contains something that will ruin the reputation of the beauty queen.



On the other hand, the camp of Catriona first dismissed the issue saying that the photo was fabricated and meant to destroy the pure image of their Client.



But before this, a known Newspaper, Bulgar made articles about Catriona and the said photo.

At first, they realeased a teaser like which had a headline:


“After ng bantang pasabog ni Clint… N*** PHOTOS NI CATRIONA, KALAT NA! OMG!!!

“Basahin ang detalye sa INSIDER ni Melba Llanera bukas, Linggo. Bili na ng Bulgar para lagi kang updated!!”

A day after this, the main article was released that says that Catriona is the girl behind the photo.



The first picture shows her in a bath tub while the other one was blur but it is obviously t0pless.



After receiving hateful comments, the camp of Catriona decided to take legal actions.

Catriona also went after Bulgar and demanded them for a public apology. She also asks a value of 10 million pesos.

Her attorney said that they only gave the company a 10 days.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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