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You can stay on this beautiful hotel in Japan for only $1.60 but there’s a catch

We’ve all heard of crazy things people have done to cut on expenses while travelling overseas but how far are you willing to go to save money? Would you let strangers watch you sleep?

There’s a hotel in Japan, Fukuoka City called Ryokan Asahi that charges just $1.60 a night for a room but at a price.



You will have to let thousands of people watch your every move throughout your stay.

Japanese hotel Business Ryokan Asahi, also known as One Dollar Hotel, is located on Kyushu Island in the southwest of Japan.




The hotel has launched the offer for their least popular room No.8.

Selling the room for $1 a night (70p), guests have to agree to be streamed onto the internet for the entire duration of the stay.



A small camera films the entire room – with no areas off-camera. The captured video others can watch through the hotel’s YouTube channel.

Thankfully, there is no audio, so snorers can rest assured they won’t be heard.




It also prohibits the filming of the bathroom.

The guests can changed their clothes as usual since they are not allowed to be viewed on their birthday suit on camera.



When checking in, they require the guests to sign the Accommodation Pledge.

The contract says they have to stay in that room only.



The pledge also strictly forbid them in performing lewd acts.



It also warns guests not to show any personal details such as an address or credit card number.


What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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