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Remember The Iconic Villain Ruel Vernal? Here’s His Life Now

Villains play an important part of every story.

Many would say that a hero will never become complete not unless his character meets a substantial antagonist opposite his role.

In the movies, particularly in Filipino films, the struggle of an action star becomes more dramatic if he meets an imposing and complex villain.



Former actor Ruel Vernal became popular for his villain roles during the 1970s up to the 1990s.

He effectively played his roles that have brought fear to the leading ladies and threat to the leading men.


His towering height and above muscular physique became a hot commodity for an ideal bad guy persona during those years.

Who would not get scared of his big built and voice that would always sound that you are in harm’s way?



Because of that, the actor spent three decades of his life in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Ruel made appearances in several films that became big hits during his generation.


A few film to mention includes the classics Kapag Buhay Ang Inutang, Kapitan Pablo, and Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Laban.



His scary overall presence and appearance had worked with numerous action stars.

These include the likes of Da King Fernando Poe Junior, Ramon Revilla Sr. and Lito Lapid.

Mr Ruel Vernal, for all its worth, did not just became your regular average goon in his movies.



He also bagged several awards during his active time in showbiz.

The Metro Manila Film Festival hailed him as the Best Supporting Actor for the movie Insiang in 1976.

Ruel also received the Best Supporting Actor award from Gawad Urian for the same movie.



Aside from his movie stints, the former actor was also popular for being the first ever model of probably the one of the most famous local beverage, Red H0rse from 1982-1983.

He made his last film appearance in a movie titled Dayo back in 2003.

Many now have wondered what happened to him after leaving the spotlight.



According to source, Ruel Vernal now lives a happy life as a private citizen in Washington D.C.

He now lives with his loved ones after he retired from the showbiz industry.



Despite of being 73 years old, no one can argue that he still looks intimidating and the mark that he was once an action movie star remains visible.

A short clip shared by his son, Kevin Vernal showed the former actor still hitting the gym.


how fit is Ruel Vernal???👇🏼pls share…

Posted by Kevin Vernal on Saturday, March 21, 2020


Now, imagine working out and seeing such feat from a senior citizen?

Surely, that is something you do not see everyday.


What can you say?


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