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Rude and Disrespectful Driver Get Instant Karma While Driving On The Road

People from all walks of life utilize the public roads. And although many know how to drive behind the wheels, some of them do not have the basics on road courtesy.

For motorists, it is advised to respect your fellow driver because you will never know when karma will hit you.



Recently, a netizen named Robby Anne Magno posted her resentment towards the disrespectful men whom they encounter while on the road.

According to Magno, the men started giving them the “finger” after his brother blew the used his car horn once to give them a signal.





The netizen’s brother allegedly did it because the men were [email protected]@ss!ng them by suddenly changing lanes or swerving without giving a signal

But the new saying that ‘karma is now digital’ seems to be true.



Because after the male driver let go of the steering wheel of their car to disrespect them, it only took second before their vehicle hit what appears to be a center aisle.

Magno, along with her acquaintances inside their vehicle cannot help but laugh at the rude men especially that they caught the moment on cam.





Here’s her full post:


Yung ang lakas ng trip nila sa pang d!d!rty finger at pagtawa tawa samin dahil lang sa nabusinahan sila ng isang beses ng kapatid ko dahil sa panggigitgit at biglang pagpapalit ng linya na wala man lang signal.

Ayan! Anong napala nyo? Effort pa na bitawan yung manibela makapang f*ck u lang samin gamit dalawang kamay eh.

Babagalan pa talaga nila kahit umiiwas na kaming madikitan sila para iwas gulo. Ayan. 🤣 Bunggo ka tuloy 🤦‍♀️

Okay din talaga yung di mo papatulan sa daan yung mga ganyang siga. Karma mismo ang lalapit sakanila. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Sorry nakakabingi hahahaha pano ba i mute to😆

Posted by An Lois on Saturday, December 14, 2019


Meanwhile, netizens cannot help but also laugh at the driver’s apparent st*p*d*ty.

Let carelessly let go of the steering wheel just to get a two handed cheap sh0t at his fellow driver.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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