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Fans Left In Disbelief After Actual Pictures Of Their Admired Influencer Surfaces Online

Working as an online influencer recently became one of the most popular jobs today in an online community.

Besides the fame, they also earn a lot of money from endorsements. The more followers you have, the better.

Given that a huge number of the influencers support beauty products, having good looks is definitely a must in this kind of industry.



The usage of filters or other cameras/photo tricks also became common to most influencers.

These additional techniques further enhance their image to make them appears almost flawless.


Because in the digital world, good looks equates in better chances to attract more followers and sponsors.



However, any other product, some people also takes advantage of its use.

A rising influencer has seen her profile boosted for all the wrong reasons.

This happened after side-by-side photos revealed she has been digitally transforming herself




A post comparing before and after images of the influencer known as Coeyyy and Coeyyyy immediately became viral.

These series of images has so far received more than 18,000 shares and 11,000 comments.

The altered pictures depict her as a doll-like figure with porcelain skin.



But compared the original photos, it definitely show what appears to be a completely different woman.

A netizen included in several photos which also feature severe alteration of the original image




Coeyyy predominantly uses the instant messaging site Weibo and social media platform RED.



The viral photos started spreading among social media users in late April. Shortly right after, it became viral throughout Asia when the images found their way on Facebook.



The uploaded photos were only accompanied by a vague caption that read:




The photos started flooding said social media feeds in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, with many netizens expressing sh0ck at the extreme use of editing apps.



Many, though, were impressed by the technical skills required to achieve the transformation.

“Their Photoshop skills [are] really [at a] genius level,”

“These edit skills are beyond God level already.”



In fact, It is very difficult to see the resemblance between the two photos except they wear the same clothes and the same pose in the photo.

What can you say?



Written by AdMiN

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