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Private and Sensitive Video Of A Man Who Looks A Lot Like Clint Bondad Surfaces Online

For the past few days, the names of Clint Bondad, Catriona Gray and Sam Milby became one of the most talked about topic on social media.

It all started after Clint started to post a series of cryptic and enigmatic entries on his IG account.



Many believed that the shades he continuously was about his past relationship with Catriona Gray and her current beau Sam Milby.

Clint said that he knew something through a series of post.


Although he did not directly mention their names, netizens believed it was about Sam Milby and Cat.





A netizen even went as far as compiling a series of images which was an alleged proof of Cat’s unfaithfulness to Clint when the two was still together.



At one point, Catriona’s mother even became involved and send a direct message to the said netizen.



However, after a series of cryptic messages posted online, it seems like the tables have turned for Clint Bondad.


But now, there is a new video of Clint that’s who’s allegedly with a [email protected]

A private and sensitive video had recently surfaced online amidst the issue between the three.



The short clip shows a man in bed together with an alleged [email protected] having a cozy time with each others arms.

Many netizens were quick to took notice that the guy on the clip looks a lot like Bondad.



According to netizens, Clint was lying on the bed talking with the [email protected] who both looked t0pl3ss based on the clip.

The individual on the footage who was with allegedly with Clint on bed spoke in the native Filipino language.

The two later shared a k!ss as the video ends.




Posted by Zethe Last on Friday, July 17, 2020


After Clint shortly broke up with Cat in February 2019, images of him together with a Thai Billionaire made rounds on social media.



Netizens by that time cannot help but assume that Clint immediately moved on and found someone else.



But Annre Jakajutatip later denied the rumors and told that she considers Clint like a little brother.

Anne also said that she’s already in a relationship with some else at the time those images surfaced.


To further support her claims, Anne ended all the speculation as she said that Clint was not even her type of guy.


What can you say?


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