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Footage Which Showed How Ellen Adarna Treats Her Maids Elicits Comments From Netizens

Many considers the actress Ellen Adarna as one of the most gorgeous celebrities in the industry. Aside from her flawless body, people also admire her beauty.



But many have wondered if Ellen is both gorgeous inside and out. Many of us had heard stories of celebrities showing good in front of camera but hides their dark attitude behind.



Do you think that she’s really more than just a pretty face? Well, it’s for you to find out in this viral video.



A video of Ellen Adarna showing how she treats her maids at home surfaced a couple of years ago.

The short clip exhibited the actress’s true relationship with her house helpers and how she manages them.




By its title, many of you might think that Ellen handles her maids poorly. But as you watch it, you’ll surely realize not to judge the book by its cover.



In the one-minute video clip from Ellen Adarna’s Instagram story, we can see Ellen smiling in front of the camera.  The actress appears to just came out of bed.



She claims that she just got up and felt surprised to find out that her maids at home has just arrived.



It was already 6:30 in the morning and her Yayas have just arrived from a night out.




Ellen even asked if they fell any hangover in which all of them said no.



Later on, Ellen asked them about how their night out turned out. They then started to talk about how some men tried flirting with them.



There was also a part of the video wherein Ellen saw her maids doing the trying to stay up to use her phone but her eyes are slowly closing, proving that they really need some sleep.



With this viral video, people praised her for giving her maids a night to have fun and she’s not even mad about the fact that her maids came home in the morning.



The video may be a couple of years old. But it shows how a timeless act of kindness of Ellen still give smiles to those who watches this video up to this very day.



It is not everyday that we such generosity and consideration from an employer to her employees.

What do you think?




Written by AdMiN

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