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Here’s the amazing transformation of Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip

The recent c0ntr0v3rsy involving Catriona Gray, her current beau Sam Milby and her ex Clint Bondad apparently has finally come to an end.



Thai [email protected] and billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip revealed that Clint never had anything to expose about Cat in the first place.

She appeared to “decode” the cryptic posts of the former model and actor through a series posts she shared herself.



Anne also added that Clint has been staying with her and her family for well over 9 months now.


She also insisted that there is nothing between her and Clint.

According to Anne, he treats Clint as a little brother and therefore felt the need to call him out for apparently misleading netizens.



With that being said and done, some netizens cannot help but wonder how Anne looked before.

It has well been established that she’s a trans and before you become one, you need to undergo a series of procedures.




According to Anne, the transformation took around three years to complete.

She had around 10 procedures in total to achieve the image she has right now. Despite of the discomfort, Anne told that all she went through was worth it.



“Ten reconstruction surg3ri3s over three years and living like a mummy for months weren’t easy, but it was happy [email protected]!n.”

“I could finally be the girl I’d been seeing in the mirror for 36 years. I’m 100 percent a woman now.”



Bangkok Post reported that the total cost of Anne JKN’s transition is estimated at THB40 million or around PHP67.7 million.

Interestingly, Anne told that despite of all the changes, changing her voice never came into her mind.



“I always tell younger kids that they don’t have to pretend [to be passed as cisg3nd3r women].”

“For me, I want to show everyone that I’m proud to be a [email protected] person.”



“I’ll tell you that from the moment we meet. Don’t get too sh0cked. It’s nothing strange.”

“I want to show the world that it’s not necessary to alter one’s voice.”

“People have to be able to accept it, and it’s time they are educated.”



Her name came into the local scene back in October last year, 2019.

Several sources reportedly link her to Clint Bondad shortly after the latter broke up with Catriona.



However, Anne has then and again told that Clint is a little brother to her.

She added that she already have found her soulmate in the form of a Britishman whom she fondly calls her “destiny.”



According to the JKN Global Media CEO, they met around 2013, way long before Clint even ring a bell in our local showbiz scene.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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