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Did Angel Locsin Just Threw Shades To Fellow Network Actress Jane De Leon?

People know the actress Angel Locsin for being vocal in expressing the causes that she supports. Aside from being outspoken, she is also known as a philanthropist.



Almost alll of the time, she uses her voice to speak for whatever she believes is right.

And recently, Angel also stood up for her home network against the decision of the H0use 0f Representat!ves to junk the franchise application of ABSCBN.



Following that decision, Kapamilya executives, employees, and talents gathered together to express their grievances against what happened to the TV giant.


In her speech Angel Locsin slammed her fellow artists who remained silent amid this issue.



“Sa lahat ng artistang hindi nagsasalita, ano? May career pa ba kayo? Wala na, wala na kayong network.”

“Kahit magpa-cute kayo diyan sa Instagram, mag-send kayo ng mga sad face —hindi niyo nadadamayan ang mga katrabaho niyong dahilan kung bakit kayo sumikat,”


Angel Locsin, MARAMING SALAMAT! 🙌🏼#IbalikAngABSCBN #LabanKapamilya

Posted by James Banaag on Saturday, July 18, 2020


Her brave words although admirable, receive mixed reactions from netizens.

Some agreed that the talents of the said network should have shown their support during these times.

But a number of netizens expressed disappointment over Angel’s statements. Many noted that her words further divided her co-workers instead of uniting them.



Also some noted that other artists have their own way of expressing their support instead of going out on the streets.

Fellow Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon was one of the missing stars during the rally a few days ago.



Jane De Leon was supposed to play the newest lead role of the iconic Darna before the network met its end after their franchise renewal application has been denied.

Through her social media account she told her side for not being present at the said gathering.


Some netizens agreed on her reasoning stating that it will be a great risk to come outside during this pandemic.

Other gave her praise for being able to look at the bigger picture and making sound decisions based on it.



However, her post did not seem to sit too well for Angel Locsin.

Through her social media account, Angel shared a posts which appears to be a reaction to Jane’s.



Even though Angel did not drop any names, many netizens agree that the post alludes to De Leon’s recent message on social media.

Most of the comments said that the post, like her previous rant, was uncalled for. Some also defended Jane for thinking logically in front of great pressing issues.

One netizen even noted how ironic Angel has always called the freedom of expression and yet seems to denounce any opinion that antagonizes her stand.


What can you say?



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