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Thailand Billionaire Spills Out The Beans Behind Clint Bondad’s Trending Cryptic Posts

It seems that the series of cryptic posts that Clint Bondad over the course of several days has finally come to an end.

Thai billionaire Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip, who had been linked to Clint October of last year, at long last spilled the beans about the former Kapuso actor.



In her own series of posts that date July 19 and 20, Anne finally released her version of “truth” regarding Clint’s viral IG posts.

She said that was fed up with having a “[email protected]” and “German sausage” in her life. Anne also followed it with a stern reminder of cleaning out a “dirty” secret.




Netizens were quick to realize that Anne’s statements pertains to none other than Clint Bondad

Yesterday, July 20, Anne directly name Clint as the person she refers to in Instagram posts.



According to Anne, everyone should just ignore all of Clint’s intriguing posts on social media.

She also belied Clint’s early claims that he will expose juicy information that will surprise the netizens.





Anne then revealed that Clint currently resides with her. According to her accounts, Clint had been living in her house for nine months already.



She said she will not tolerate Clint’s actions of playing mind games on netizens.

Some went on to question as to why Anne used social media to call out Clint instead of talking about it in private.

Anne explained that she just wanted to give Clint a lesson.



Meanwhile, some became intrigued about Anne’s “German sausage” comment in her  previous posts about Clint.



Another netizen said Clint was “too immature” based on his latest activity on social media.

Although Anne felt annoyed by Clint’s recent actions, she went on and defended the model-actor.

She told that it is better to intervene before things turns to much worst.



Another netizen agreed with Anne’s mediation on the issue and hoped that Anne would convince Clint to stop spreading trivial posts.





At the end part of her post, Anne shared a photo of herself and Clint.

She added that even her own family also considers the young man a part of them, especially since he still lives with her.

In her written caption, Anne said that Clint is a good person and that she hopes he will return to his former self



She also provided a follow-up photo of Clint. It showed with his now famous beard, like the latest pictures he shares on Instagram.



Anne currently holds the position of CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited.

Their group works as a global content provider and channel operator of various TV series and movies.



Their company majorly distributes in several teleseryes from ABS-CBN and GMA-7 in Thailand.

Clint worked as actor and model who became the boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

October 2019 when Clint and Anne were first reported as friends.



Speculation that their photographs taken in Thailand have been around for a long time.

But Anne has always made it clear that she and Clint are just “forever brother sister”.



Clint recently trended on social media for the past few days due to his cryptic posts.

He even included a countdown along with rumors that he will make a big revelation on Instagram.



But the netizens who waited after the countdown, with a deadline of 1 A.M. on Friday, July 17.

Clint just kept posting Instagram Stories — but none of the posts clarified what he wanted to convey to the public.



These eventually dragged the names of his former girlfriend Catriona Gray along with her current beau Sam Milby

It even came to a point that netizens came to a conclusion that Catriona has sensitive videos that are ready to surface online or has already leaked online.



Gray’s camp on the other hand belied those conclusions and tagged the circulating footage and images as fake.

Meanwhile, Bondad still appears to continue his stories on IG. But his posts relating to Catriona and Sam seemed to have stopped already, for now.

It has been a wild ride Clint, can we now have your old self back?

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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