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IG user who allegedly exposed Catriona Gray’s “unfaithfulness” posts the message she received from Mita Gray

Parents will always watch for the well being of their children.

They most of the time come in aid whenever their love ones gets into trouble.

In showbiz, celebrity parents are no different.



This past few days the name of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray became a trend on social media.


It happened shortly after her ex-boyfriend, Clint Bondad, started a series of posts which allegedly threw shades to Catriona and her current boyfriend, Sam Milby.



Netizens cannot help but made several speculations after Clint started his Instagram Story saga.

Allegedly, the relationship of Catriona and Sam overlapped with Clint.



According to source, Cat had already started dating his now current boyfriend Sam Milby even though she and Clint were still together.


The supposed unfaithfulness of Gray was showcased in a series of Instagram post of the username @kimeeyuy IG.



With all eyes now on Catriona, it is not unusual for the people close to her to speak up in her defense.

The c0ntr0versies currently surrounding Cat seemed to have called the attention of her mother, Mita Gray.



Like any parent would do, she immediately reacted to the criticisms against her daughter due to the issue raised by the beauty queen’s ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad.

Based on the recent IG post of @kimmeyuy, the mother of Catriona Gray appeared to have sent a message.

The netizen managed to have a screensh0t of the said message from Mita Gray.

“You continue to defame my daughter and you do so at your own peril.”



Username @kimmeyuy then shared the screensh0t on social media with the caption:

“Sorry po, Mum. Wala naman po kaming ginagawang masama.”

“Shineshare lang po namin ang mga ganap na kagagawan din ng unica hija mo.”



Meanwhile, the said post received mixed reactions from the netizens.



Some took the side of Catriona and defended her against criticisms but there are also those who believe that Clint’s action is the result his experience with her.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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