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Netizens Left In Awe With This Girl’s Make Up Transformation

Women use make-up primarily to enhance their beauty.

There are various types of make up in terms of packaging and color than can easily be bought by anyone in department stores or cosmetic shops.

Using the latest make-up gadgets and techniques, a woman in China has taken to the internet to show off her transformation skills.



A woman in China shocked netizens with her mind-blowing makeup transformation.


She is identified as Qi Huahua who revealed a completely different look after she applied makeup on her face.



In a video on YouTube which lasted 1 minute and 20 seconds, the woman showed her power to transform her face so differently through the aid of cosmetics.



At the beginning of her makeup transformation, she first applied several kinds of creams on her face.



Many cannot help but notice a change in her skin color after blending in all the liquid cosmetics. The woman put on a pair of fake eyebrows.




She easily had a well-shaped brows without exerting much effort.

Then she applied the eye shadow just by using her finger. This makeup artist even had an easy time in putting on fake eyelashes.



The woman used a brush to add colors under her eyes. Contouring was not also a problem to her and she did it through her fingers also.



She put tape both side of her cheeks to make it look slimmer.

Then, the makeup guru applied lipstick which she also used to add color on her cheeks.



After doing her face, she applied cream on her neck and arms in order to have the same color with her face.



The result of the makeup transformation is simply jaw-dropping because there was a big difference in before and after look.


Based on the description in the video, this is now the trend in makeup. It is called sculpture makeup that is gaining popularity all over Asia.

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