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Soldier’s Wife Discovers A Secret From His Deceased Husband Inside His Laptop

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Todd Weaver of Hampton, Virginia, perished due to an IED during his second tour of Afghanistan.

The 26-year-old soldier left behind his loving wife Emma and a baby girl named Kiley, who would be too young to remember her loving father.



Todd realized this fate was a possibility, so prior to his demise, he did something about it. His wife, however, wouldn’t find out until days after his interment.

Along with her husband’s remains, Emma received her husband’s laptop, which he had used during his deployment.




Gr!ef-stricken and burdened with the responsibility of having her husband laid to rest, Emma didn’t get a chance to really look at the device until two days after Todd’s interment.

After the decorated officer’s body came back home, they held mem0rial service so friends and family could pay their respects.



Instead of flowers, they asked his loved ones to make a contribution to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.

Two days later, Emma finally opened the laptop Todd had in Afghanistan. That’s when she saw something that made her freeze.



When Emma learned the heartbreaking news that her loving husband and the father of her baby had perished in an expl0s!0n in Afghanistan, the harsh realization that she would never get to say goodbye became so hurtful for the young widow.

However, Todd left something for his wife and his baby girl in the event of his demise. His final gift he had it saved on his computer all along.



Although she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, right there in front of her were two Word documents on the computer’s desktop.

Todd named the document “Dear Emma,” while he marked the other as “Dear Kiley.”

Almost immediately, the reality struck Emma. She immediately realized that her husband had left a message for her and their daughter.



A final goodbye in case he won’t make it home alive. Emma began to read the goodbye letters from her husband:

Not only had Todd poured his heart out to his wife, he had also written an amazing and inspirational letter for his young daughter.

Although it hurt to read his words, it became obvious that he wanted  to give both Emma and Kiley strength when his time comes. Todd’s second letter was for Kiley, who was just 9-months-old.



The letters to each of the leading ladies in Todd Weaver’s short life were emotional, yet strong. It showed his bravery as he served, knowing he could end up making the ultimate [email protected]!f!ce for his country.

According to Emma, although she had a hard time reading his final letter, they brought her peace and courage.


Written by AdMiN

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