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Dark Past Of Viral Blind Singer Carl Malone Montecido Unravels In Raffy Tulfo In Action

Regular television viewers had come to know the inspiring story behind the viral blind singer Carl Malone Montecido.

Despite of his disability, he sang his way into the hearts of the audience with his powerful voice.



He gained prominence and even international attention after he joined a handful of singing contest.

Most of us probably became acquainted with him after he participated in the singing contets called Tawag ng Tangahalan.


Although he ended up as a finalist, the exposure paved way for his name to become even more popular.



However, unknown to many, Carl actually had a dark past.

His untold story eventually had itself revealed a few days ago.

This happenedafter his wife Crisanta sought the help of Raffy Tulfo in his program.




Initially, Crisanta filed a complaint again Carl for failing to provide support to her and their baby.

However, as the story unfolds, it came to everyone’s attention that partly to blame for their problem is actually the parents of Carl.



During her interview, Crisanta alleged that Carl’s parents forbid him from being with her.

She added that Carl’s parents were never in favor with their relationship.

And as it turned out,  they want a rich old woman from Canada instead.



Carl told that his disability and the ongoing crisis made it very hard for him to find a reliable source of steady income, thus, eventually leading him to fail in supporting his own family.

He also told that the old woman from Canada, whom his wife referred to, actually provided them some financial support.



Carl narrates that he and the old woman became acquainted with each other way back.  He shares that she became mesmerized by his performance during his stint in another singing show called “Pilipinas Got Talent.”

She eventually tracked him down and pretty much started their communication started which lasted for 9 long years.



Everything soon started to became clear and apparently, his parents pretty much “pr0st!tuted” him to the old woman.

Carl then made a b0ld revelation that he became a v!ct!m of ab.use at a very young age of 11 years old.

Watch the video below and see how his very saddening story ends.



Despite of all that happened, Carl, to the surprise of many, begged not to have his parents ja!led. He told that he had other younger siblings that they need to look out to.




Meanwhile, netizens cannot help but feel sorry and be amaze at Carl at the same time for thinking about the welfare of his love ones despite of all that happened to him.


Written by AdMiN

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