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Sharon Cuneta Calls Out Netizens Who Kept On Comparing Her Daughters Kc And Frankie

The Megastar, Sharon Cuneta once again went live on Instagram to address some issues about her family.

In a 45 minute long video clip, Sharon once again became emotional while addressing some of the comments of netizens about her daughters.



Frankie Pangilinan and KC Concepcion’s had been a hot topic on social media recently after the former made c0ntroversial statements on certain issues.

“Ewan ko ba, bakit may mga taong ang sasama. Ito na ba ang panahon ngayon?”



The Mega Star had certainly became aware that some people kept on comparing the physical appearances of her two lovely daughters.


She further questioned why some social media users want KC and Frankie to fight over how they appeared in front of the camera.



Sharon also admitted to feeling offended every time she reads negative or harsh comments about the face of her daughter with Kiko Pangilinan.

“It’s a stab in my heart. You don’t let siblings fight one another.”

“Why are you so bad? Why are you doing that to my children?


“Wag niyo silang pag-awayin. Wag niyo silang siraan,”



She stated that she feels bad for Frankie and admitted that she don’t look as good as her sister KC.

“Gumagawa kayo ng istorya. Nao-offend ako for Frankie.”

Hindi man siya kasingganda ng ate KC niya, natural hindi naman matinee idol ang tatay niya.”

“Pero iba naman ang ganda niya,”



KC is Sharon’s daughter with her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion while Frankie is her daughter with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

She elaborated that Francis Pangilinan is a decent man and at the same time threw shade to her other previous relationships.



“Disente ang tatay niya at hindi ako sinaktan tulad ng mga guwapo nga diyan.

“Hindi ako nagpapaawa at nagpapapansin.”

“Sana, ibalik natin ang pagka-disente natin sa lipunan.”



“Hindi ako nagpapaawa at nagpapapansin.

“Sana, ibalik natin ang pagka-disente natin sa lipunan.”

At this point, Sharon talks to Frankie who enters the room where Sharon doing her live session.




“I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve.”

“And in the end, that’s not what matters, you know,” Sharon said to her daughter.”

Frankie then answered that she’s not even affected by what others are saying.

What can you say about this?


Written by AdMiN

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