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Ion Perez Lashes At Netizens Who Questions His Gender Because Of His Sitting Position

We all know that men and women have their distinct gestures and actions that are only exclusive to their respective genders.

Sometimes, people tend to judge others based on how they carry themselves or act in public.



The world of social media recently went full of buzz after Kuya Escort Ion Perez post a selfie on instragram.

On his Instagram, Ion uploaded a photo of him sitting in a couch on which seems to be in a dressing room.




Image may look ordinary at first but several netizens immediately noticed something odd.

Ion was sitting with his legs crossed that bears striking resemblance on how women crosses their legs.



Upon seeing his photo, some netizens couldn’t help themselves but to throw shades at the media personality.

One netizen even commented saying adobo is already cooked but seems to be lack of ‘paminta.’


Some Filipinos use the word paminta that refers to [email protected] men.



Another commented, “soon to be Bibi gandanghari”. In response, Ion lashes out to the netizens and give them a dose of their own medicine.

“Kamukha mo aso mo! Wag naman sana pati ugali sayang ang aso!”

“Isa pa tong mukhang tarapal ng motor! Pero wag na ikaw alala ikaw may pakinabang kasi lagi ulan ngayon ok???”


He did not seemed to mince words and at one point even cursed at one of his bashers.


His response drew mixed reactions from other netizens.

Some stated that his rebuttals looks lame.



Other meanwhile questions what irked him considering that he’s officially in a relationship with Vice Ganda.



Meanwhile, Ion’s fans still find him attractive and support him specially when it comes to his relationship with Vice Ganda.



The two officially confirmed their relationship on live television back in November of last year, 2020.


What can you say about this?


Written by AdMiN

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