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Jaclyn Jose Shares Her Real Relationship To Andi’s Boyfriend Philmar Alipayo

Mother and daughter have a very established relationship.

It’s undeniably the most intimate relationship of all. Thus, when your child grows up, we may understand that our child will soon leave our sides and create her own family.



But celebrity mom and award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose, her daughter Andi Eigenmann already started to create her own family and live quite far away from her.

Andi, an advocate of saving the ocean, focused on her advocacy and surfing this last few years. She is often in Siargao Island.




She is currently in a relationship with Philmar Alipayo who is considered as the best surfer in the country.

Andi gave birth to her second daughter with Philmar Alipayo, next to Ellie Eigenmann, the daughter of the actress with her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito.



Andi and Philmar and their family have flown already flew back to Siargao.

They are building a house on the island and based on the photo of the house posted by Andi, it is a huge home they are building now.




Recently, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose spoke regarding the second baby of Andi Eigenmann. She also revealed the relationship of Ellie with Philmar Alipayo.

Based on a report in Pep, Jaclyn Jose admitted that she has not enough time for Baby Lilo now. Meanwhile, she assured that Andi is a hands-on mom to her granddaughter.



As for the relationship of Ellie and Philmar Alipayo, here’s what she said:

Okey, okey. Walang Problema,” the veteran actress said. According to her, she visits her grandchildren and she is happy whenever she sees them.

She is also glad that she and Andi are okay.



“Ganun naman talaga, kapag may tampuhan, after a while, wala na rin iyan.

Masaya ako kapag nakikita ko ang mga apo ko, at okey kami ng anak ko,”

Earlier reports told that Philmar used to have nightmares about meeting Andi’s mother. But after their first meeting, things turned out fine between them.

“No’ng nagkita kami, una, takot muna ako. Pero no’ng pangalawang pagkikita namin, okey na ako.”



Andi supported Philmar’s statement by saying that her mother is actually nice in real person.

Many people know Jacklyn for her intense onscreen portrayals and quiet but intimidating demeanor.



She explained that a lot of people get the wrong impression of her.

“Lahat naman gano’n ang sinasabi pag hindi lang nila ako kilala,”

“Pero pag kilala nila ako, I’m nice to be with naman.”

Jaclyn and Philmar have since become at ease with each other.


Written by AdMiN

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