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Annabelle Rama Reveal What Kind Of Daughter Ruffa Gutierrez Is Despite of Their Misunderstandings

Conflicts and misunderstanding are normal in every family.

Many of us know by now how celebrity mother and daughter Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez had issues with each other in the past.



Some would say that Annabelle might be too over controlling on her daughter despite her age.

But like any other parents, others said that she only wants the best for Ruffa despite what other people might think.




Annabelle Rama recently wrote an emotional and heartwarming message to her daughter,  her social media account.

Rama took the time to greet her one and only daughter Ruffa Gutierrez on her 46th birthday.



Ruffa celebrated her 46th birthday on Wednesday, June 24.

The Gutierrez matriarch expressed how she appreciate her daughter on her special day.




In her post, Annabelle began by apologizing to Ruffa for not being able to make it to her birthday celebration



“Happy birthday to my one and only daughter @iloveruffag.”

“Sorry that Alexa & I didn’t go to your place to celebrate w/ you last night.

“I just saw it in your Instagram this morning.”



Annabelle added that she was busy during Ruffa’s birthday and hoped that her daughter would understand.

She also took this opportunity to remind her about her health and extend her greetings to her grandchildren.

“Busy day for me yesterday. Hope you understand kung nasaan ako.



“Take care of your health. Don’t forget to have check up every year katulad ka rin sa akin takot sa doctor and injection. Take care of Lorin & Venice.”



Rama also wrote in one of her online posts that Ruffa and her family are always included in her prayers even though they fight a lot.

“Everytime we talk lagi tayong nag aaway. You know the reason why.

You & our family palagi kung pinagdasal. Kasama kayo lagi sa prayers ko. Kaya ang tagal ko sa harap ng altar ko,”



However, according to Annabelle, she knows how much her daughter loves her despite their arguments.



“I know you love me. I feel it & I can see it,”


Annabelle then shared a story about Ruffa and her savings for her kids.



“I was so shock the night before I left.”

“Dumating yung yung PA mo. 9pm may dalang check from you.”

“Super shocked dahil mag kaaway tayo that time.”



“We did not talk. I understand wala tayong trabaho lahat. Lumabas pa rin ang pera.

“You touched your savings for me,”



Furthermore, Annabelle added that she knew Ruffa never touched her savings for her kids.



“Alam kong never mong ginalaw ang savings for your kids. Kaya sobrang touch. I didn’t expect anything from you.

“But anyway nag mana ka rin sa daddy mo malambot ang puso at hindi nagtatanim ng galit kaya ka siniswerte. Hindi katulad ko sinusumpa ang kaaway,”



Annabelle proved that Ruffa loves her during difficult times as she recalled how Ruffa paid all the expenses of her treatment even though they were not in good terms at that time.



In an interview a couple of years back, Annabelle revealed how Ruffa prioritize them, her family, during the height of her career.



What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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