Owner Of Viral Dog Now Seek Netizens Prayer and Help After He Went Missing

A few months ago, an image of a cute male dog has captured the hearts of netizens.

The viral dog who was later known by his name GD Boy became an instant online sensation after photos surface online.



Netizens cannot help but felt amused by his images where in the dog flashed a pose similar to a commercial model.

However, the owner of the GD Boy is now seeking help and prayers after her dog went missing.


According to a Facebook post of Furr Station, the page is now asking kind hearted netizens to help find the viral dog named ‘GD BOY’ after he went missing.



According the post, the dog went outside of their house and never came back.

The owner said, he used to come back shortly after going out. She added that last night she called GD Boy and waited for him not come, however, he ignores her.



As a result, the owner came inside of their home and let the dog to return himself.


But unfortunately, he fails to come home. The owner’s family were looking somewhere but couldn’t find it. And now, they are asking for help to netizens near them if they have seen the dog.


Do you remember this viral dog? he's MISSING..Please share! Let us help the owner to find him..MISSINGName: GD…

Posted by Furr Station on Friday, June 26, 2020


GD Boy previously went viral on social media and amaze netizens after photos surface online where he poses like a professional model.


The photo shows the dog was lying down and two legs crossed. Adding to the fiercely pose in sideways as he gazes and looks into the camera.


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