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Sharon Cuneta Becomes Emotional Over Disrespectful and Rude Comments To Her Family

Sharon Cuneta took to social media again ang expressed her disappointment to our “kababayan” who keeps on bashing her family.

As a mother, it would really be painful if someone insults your family. Specially when it attacks their emotional and mental health.

This is obviously the feeling of the Mega Star when she finally speaks herself up talking about the people who keeps on throwing hate comments against them.

In a long post on her Instagtam account, Sharon explained by comparing her showbiz life and the life of her family.




According to Sharon, she is used to answering all the issues about her because it is naturally part of her career. But when it comes to her family, it has a big difference.

Sharon pointed out that her husband as well as her daughters are receiving criticisms and judgments non-stop.



At this point, she said that she is hurt and disappointed at the same time to those people whom she called as her “kababayans” who keeps on hurting her family.



Aside from receiving criticisms because of being a senator of Kiko Pangilinan, their daughter Frankie, made noises recently. It is after she gave her views on defending women getting [email protected] because of their clothes.





Frankie then slammed Ben Tulfo when the news anchor sided that [email protected] vict!ms are the ones to blame because of their clothes.

Meanwhile, Sharon seems to be over with these people.


Written by AdMiN

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