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Transgender Beauty Queen Kevin Balot Receives Mixed Reaction After Saying That Trans Should Not Join Pageants For Women

Transgender beauty queen Kevin Balot has been trending topic on Twitter this Wednesday, June 24.

This happened after she stated that she does not favor trans women joining beauty pageants for natural-born women.



The Miss International Queen in 2012 stated that trans women joining beauty pageants for women is not fair.

Many widely considers The Miss International Queen pageant as the most prestigious beauty pageant for trans women.




According to Kevin, his preference is to look at trans women’s pageants and natural-born women’s pageants.

“We trans women always ask for equality.”

“I believe us transgender women joining sa mga Miss Universe is not equality anymore,”

“So, hindi lang ako sang-ayon sa ganung bagay kasi we have our own pageant, e.”

“We have Miss International Queen pageant, which is the most prestigious transgender beauty pageant in the world.”

“So, if us joining pageant ng mga babae, hindi na siya equality, parang we’re asking too much na.”




Instead, Kevin suggest to give platforms to trans women the same importance as to the pageants for women

“Siguro kailangan namin ng mas marami pang suporta para mas ma-boost yung platform namin.”

“Kasi platform niyo na ‘yan, e.”

“Ang kailangan namin [is] your support.”



In her statement, she contradicts her fellow trans women’s fight to allow people like them to participate in prestigious beauty pageants for real women, such as Miss Universe.

Kevin made it clear that he would be happy if organizers, such as Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc., would allow trans women to join.

“Not unless if organizers will allow, then we can join. But we [should] respect each other,” pahayag ni Kevin.

“Why not? I’ll be happy for my friends, community.”



She prefers to isolate pageants for trans women, but has the same regard as natural-born women’s pageants.

Her statements obviously surprised Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Pia supported trans women’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant because she knew the organization would allow it.

However, she does see Kevin’s origin in giving trans women beauty pageants the same value.



“Bakit hindi natin i-elevate yung mga pageants ng tulad ng Miss International Queen para magpantay-pantay na silang lahat?

“Sa pagkakaalam ko, Miss Universe allows [trans women].”

“So, sa akin, if they allow, sino ba naman tayo para magreklamo pa?”

“Yung may-ari nga pumapayag na.”



“But then, with you, Kevin, you think dapat separate.”

“Kunyari sa Miss Universe, tulad nila Miss Spain, yung mga sumikat na sumali na trans woman…”

“Iba-iba din pala kayo ng stand tungkol dun.”

Other members of the LGBTQIA community were disappointed in his statement.

One even called Kevin a “trait0r” for her statement.

While others say Kevin is not representative of their community, he does speak because he is “privileged.”

They say, the “trans woman” is a woman.

On the other hand, there are those who agree with Kevin’s point of view.


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