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Lea Salonga Finally Airs Her Side Regarding Her C0ntr0versial Social Media Post

As we face difficulties nowadays, everybody in the country has its own own stand on what’s going on.

There are challenges and we are not ready for this.

However, releasing and sharing your thoughts on social media may result in what we didn’t expect.

This is people not all the people have the same thoughts as yours. We all have different views on different issues.




Former Miss Saigon Lea Salonga recently trended on social media after expressing her frustrations on the current happenings on our country.

Her post became a hot topic as it received mixed reaction from the netizens.

The singer-actress wrote this on her Facebook post:

“Dear Pilipinas, p***** ina, ang hirap mong mahalin.”


Several netizens agreed with her as she hinted about her thoughts on why she shared the said statement.

Meanwhile, others expressed their disapproval about her post stating that if we will not love our country, who else will.

Radio host Vivian Velez also expressed her thoughts and contradicted Lea’s post.



She said that “unity” is a vital key right now in the aim of the g0vernment to change for the better.

Vivian also ask the netizens to love our country for both her beauty and  flaws.

Several netizens who are supporting the current administration also created a buzz on social media.

In response to Lea’s post, they made the hashtag “Dear Pilipinas Sarap Mong Mahalan” trend on Twitter.



Amid all the speculations that sparked regarding her post, Lea Salonga finally clarified what she meant when she shared that statement.

“I thought to use this platform and this space to offer some clarification in the hope that I’m more clearly understood,” 



She stressed that she stands with every word that she said in her controversial post.

According to her it was her expression of frustration of the current status of the county.

“However, contrary to what some of you might believe, I never, NOT EVER, cursed the Philippines,”

The Broadway diva also said that serving the Philippines is one of her greatest honors.

Lea added that representing the country is source of pride and pleasure for her.




On the other hand, she stressed that she never aimed or intended her “pagmumura” for anyone.

Lea then went on and expressed her apologies for those who felt offended by her post.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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