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Foreigner Chats A Man Thinking He Is A Woman Because Of Face App Ends in a Funny Twist

Today’s new mobile application FaceApp is very trendy.

With such an app, anyone can edit their face to make it female or male.

It was also trending because many laughed at the result of their appearance.

They are, in fact, fun and it is good to have at least some fun in the midst of the difficult situation we face today.




To fit in with the current trend, a man decided change his picture using a FaceApp edited photo.

The result, his Facebook account now appear as if it is own by a woman.

And it did not took long before other men mistook his account.



In a hilarious turn of events, a foreigner named Alfar started to chat with him .


The first chat was just saying “Hello Dear” with a lot of hearts stickers.

Since he has nothing else important to do at that time, the man just rode along Alfar’s messages.



The foreigner told him he has a great smile and requested if he can have some more images.

The man responded immediately and sent another FaceApp edited photo of him with long hair.



Alfar then offered him a “deal”. He told if the man needed money, he would only have to post more pictures. It would also be nice if he will sent “whole body” photos.



It was at this point that the man decided to spoil everything to Alfar by sending him an image of his manly chest while still using the Faceapp.

He thought that with the last image Alfar will now go away upon discovering that he’s actually chatting with a guy.



However, things did not went out according to his plan. Alfar still thinks of him as a woman despite the big reveal. And to his amusement, the foreigner even gave him compliments about his chest.



He cannot help but laugh at Alfar still believing he was a girl.

He also shared screenshots of his conversation on social media that has made many netizens happy.

Hayup na face app to, akala ko aayawan nya yun pala mas magugustuhan nya, hayuf sya🤣🤣🤣 ayoko na🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Eavd Vriamn on Friday, June 19, 2020


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