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GMA News Reporter Joseph Morong Embarrasing Work Selfie Goes Viral

Social media’s primary purpose is of course, to connect the people.

The way it is designed shows us the updates and interest of men and women within our network.

This even includes the sometime funny and inappropriate things they share online.



Joseph Morong of GMA Network News reporter recently went viral when netizens noticed a bit funny and embarrassing image on his twitter timeline.


This happened after he posted his work from a home selfie on Twitter.



The photo shows Morong working on his laptop.

However, the reporter didn’t notice the feed shows on his laptop.

After he uploaded it, netizens with clear eyesight noticed something inappropriate.





He captioned his post:

“Kaway kaway sa buhay pa hehe, waiting for the airing of Pres. Duterte’s address hehe”

Morong didn’t notice that the background shows a sensitive photo that is very embarrassing for a personality like him.



Minutes later, he immediately deleted the post and apologized for what happened.

In a separate post, he wrote and explained how such image appeared on his timeline.

“So embarrassing.”

“Bawasan ko na kaya fina-follow ko?”

“Hahaha un malilinis at busilak na lang haha joke lang but sorry about that.”

“Hahaha guys sensya na talaga ah?”



“Haha focus na tayo in a few minutes haha. Goodnight guys! Haha*wink SMH [shaking my head] haha.”

“Hahah sorry about that guys haha. You’ll never know what’ll show on your timeline LOL.”

The reactions of the netizens are mostly laughing. Some show support but some do not.


Due to the mishap Joseph Morong’s name immediately trended on Twitter.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that an epic background was accidentally flashed to the screen.



Recently, Mayor Vico Sotto was also shocked during his Zoom live when a man with no clothes showed up on his screen.

So this is a reminder for everyone to be very careful when it comes to background photos.


Written by AdMiN

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