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Richard Gomez share his advice on what to look for a guy with his daughter Juliana

A man’s biggest fear is becoming a father to a daughter who ends up with a wrong man.

For celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, their daughter Juliana will always be their “beautiful little girl.”



Richard said in one of his interviews that her daughter is about to enter second-year college.

“She’s about to enter second year college kung matutuloy yung eskuwela…”


Juliana is taking Public Administration course at the University of the Philippines, in Diliman, Quezon City.



Since Juliana is the only daughter and she’s at her right age, Richard is open to the possibility that she will have a boyfriend someday soon.

He also stated that he always gives her daughter some advice when it comes to love and relationship.



“It’s a fact of life that one day, meron talagang manliligaw sa kanya.”


“It’s a fact of life, that may be one of these days, she’ll just decide to settle down and get married,” he quipped.



Richard also shares that he gives his daughter some advice to choose the man she will marry in the future.

“But I always tell her, you really have to choose the person you want to marry, who’s going to make you happy.”

“You choose somebody na you’re ready to wake up to every morning.”

“Hindi puwedeng love mo lang siya ngayon.”

“When you get married, that’s the face you will see the first thing, always.

“So, are you ready? Do you really love that person?

“That’s a good gauge.”



In fact, this is also Richard’s advice to some of his friends whose unmarried until now.

As for Juliana, Richard knew that someone is planning to court her, he just said that she must take good care of herself and choose a kind person.

He also said that Juliana has to make sure that the person she had to choose will respect and make sure that person will treat her well.



“If you get into a relationship, make sure that the person treats you well.”

“And I just tell Juliana to always take care of herself and choose the right person.”

“Kailangan mabait.”

“If you get into a relationship, make sure that the person treats you well.”

“Hindi puwedeng boyfriend ‘tapos babastusin ka o sasaktan ka.”

“I told her we have to keep our dignity and respect all the time.”



Well, that’s a father’s love we can’t control.

What can you say about this?


Written by AdMiN

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